Electric Valve Actuator

Electric Valve Actuator

Available in a variety of voltages, control options and enclosures.  All electric actuators are standard with ISO 5211 mounting interface and are used on all valves.

l  Extended duty cycle induction motor. 

l  ISO5211 mounting interface. 

l  One year manufacturer's warranty. 

l  Tested to 1 million cycles.

Electric Valve Actuator Introduction: 

1. Compact size for install in small space. 

2. NEMA 4X waterproof and dust proof. 

3. Manual operation can be applied in a power outage. 

4. Built in thermal protection prevents motor burn out. 

5. Simple design, easy operation.

6. ISO 5211 Flange connection is used for mounting actuators to valves and a raised mechanical position indicator is used to enable the operators to identify the valve position.



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