Sanitary Reducer

Sanitary Reducer is one of the fittings used to control or change the flow in the piping system (large <=> small).  There are two major types of reducer: concentric reducers and eccentric reducers.

Concentric type is with a common centerline and is used to join the pipe sections on the same axis.

Eccentric type is made with a slightly off-center outlet to the larger end.  It has an edge parallel to the connecting pipe and allows to align with one side of the inlet.

l  Compliable with 3A Sanitary Standard and the U.S. tube diameters.

l  Size range:  1/2" ~ 4"

l  Roughness:  Ra 0.8μm (Ra 32μinch)

l  Stainless steel material:  304ss, 316L

3A DIN Eccentric Reducer
3A Concentric Reducer
3A Eccentric Reducer
3A DIN Concentric Reducer