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Valve Actuators
Valve Actuator is a mechanical component that uses a power source to open and close a ball valve or butterfly valve. This power source can be either pneumatic or electric. CME offers below various types of valve actuators for your best choice in different applications. 
• Electric Valve Actuator
Electric Valve Actuator used to convert electricity into energy with different voltages for options.  
• Pneumatic Valve Actuator
Pneumatic Valve Actuator used to compress air acting on the piston while single acting (air-to-spring) and double acting (air-to-air) can be offered upon preference. With project and space conditions, CME provides two type of pneumatic valve actuator as below to fulfill the needs. 
o Rack & Pinion valve actuator 
o Vertical Canister
Rack & Pinion Valve Actuator
Valve Actuators Series

*Rack & Pinion Valve Actuator made of anodized aluminum alloy.

*Rack & Pinion Valve Actuator available in spring return and double acting. 

*ISO5211 bolt patterns.

*Tested to 1 million cycles.


Vertical Valve Actuator
Valve Actuators Series

*Vertical Valve Actuator available in double acting and spring return.

*Vertical Valve Actuator can be mounted on all CME butterfly valves up to 4".

*Excellent protection and corrosion resistance.

*Tested to 1 million cycles.

*100% tested and inspected. 

Electric Valve Actuator
Valve Actuators Series

*Extended duty cycle induction motor. 

*ISO5211 mounting interface. 

*One year manufacturer's warrenty. 

*Tested to 1 million cycles.