Valve Actuators

Valve Actuators

Valve Actuator is a mechanical component that uses a power source to open and close a ball valve or butterfly valve. This power source can be either pneumatic or electric. CME offers below various types of valve actuators for your best choice in different applications. 

l  Vertical Stainless Steel Actuator

Stainless steel actuator with excellent protection and corrosion resistance.

Available in double acting and spring return.


l  Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Valve Actuator

Extruded hard anodized aluminum alloy. Available in spring return or double acting for all quarter turn valves.


l  Electric Valve Actuator

The electric actuator uses an electric motor to provide torque to operate a valve.
Ø Conforms to CSA-C for outdoor use
Ø IP65/IP67 (Water-proof and dust-proof )

Vertical Valve Canister

Vertical Valve Canister

Valve Actuators Series

Vertical Stainless Steel Actuator

l  Vertical Valve Canister available in double acting and spring return.

l  Vertical Valve Canister can be mounted on all CME butterfly valves up to 4".

l  Excellent protection and corrosion resistance.

l  Tested to 1 million cycles.

l  100% tested and inspected.


Vertical Stainless Steel Actuator


1. Excellent corrosion resistance. 

2. Tested to 1 million cycles. 

3. Actuators are 100% tested before shipping. 

4. Special designed for butterfly valves from sizes 1" to 4" 

5. Air fittings port: 1/8" NPT 

6. Supply pressure: 120 PSI 

7. Output torque: 350 in-lbs 

8. Temperature: -20 °C to 121 °C

9. Actuation type:

l  Spring Return

Air to the port on the top of the actuator causes the actuator to turn CW. 

Loss of air to this port cause the air to exhaust and the actuator turns CCW.  This is the FAIL operation and can be set up as Fail Close or Fail Open.

l  Double Acting
Air to the port on the top of the actuator causes the actuator to turn CW. Air to the port on the base of the actuator causes the actuator to turn CCW.

Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Valve Actuator

Pneumatic Rack & Pinion Valve Actuator

Valve Actuators Series

Rack and Pinion actuators feature bi-directional pinion travel stops.

The side located stops allow a full ± 5˚ of valve travel adjustment, giving a guaranteed range of adjustment between 80˚ and 100˚ of actuator travel. These travel stops are designed to absorb the maximum rated torque of the actuator and the maximum impact loading associated with recommended stroke speed.

Adjustment of the counterclockwise and clockwise rotation limits are accomplished by turning the respective left and right stops adjustment screws to increase or reduce the output rotation angle.

l  Rack & Pinion Valve Actuator made of anodized aluminum alloy.
l  Rack & Pinion Valve Actuator available in spring return and double acting. 
l  ISO5211 bolt patterns.
l  Tested to 1 million cycles.

Features and Benefits:

1. Operating Pressure Range: 40 to 120 PSI

2. Maximum Allowable Working Pressure: 150 PSI

3. Maximum Operating Pressure: 120 PSI

4. Operating Media: Dry or lubricated non-corrosive gas
5. Operating Temperature Standard: - 40°F to +200°F


Electric Valve Actuator

Electric Valve Actuator

Valve Actuators Series

Electric Valve Actuator

Available in a variety of voltages, control options and enclosures.  All electric actuators are standard with ISO 5211 mounting interface and are used on all valves.

l  Extended duty cycle induction motor. 

l  ISO5211 mounting interface. 

l  One year manufacturer's warranty. 

l  Tested to 1 million cycles.

Electric Valve Actuator Introduction: 

1. Compact size for install in small space. 

2. NEMA 4X waterproof and dust proof. 

3. Manual operation can be applied in a power outage. 

4. Built in thermal protection prevents motor burn out. 

5. Simple design, easy operation.

6. ISO 5211 Flange connection is used for mounting actuators to valves and a raised mechanical position indicator is used to enable the operators to identify the valve position.