RJT Sanitary Union

RJT Sanitary Union ( Ring Joint Type) is a British standard union to BS4825 and comprises of an male part, welding Liner, seal and a hex or round nut.

RJT unions are the popular hygienic union in the UK and it is reliable to use in food processing environments.

  • Compliable with RJT standard tube diameters
  • Size range:  1" ~ 4"
  • Roughness:  Ra 0.8μm (Ra 32μinch)
  • Stainless steel material:  304ss, 316L
  • Seal : NBR, EPDM , Silicone , FKM
RJT Hexagonal Blank Nut with Boss
RJT Blank Nut with Boss
RJT Hexagonal Blank Nut
RJT Blank Nut
RJT Blank Liner
RJT Hexagonal Nut
RJT Seal Ring
RJT Welding Male
RJT Welding Liner
RJT Round Nut