IDF Sanitary Union

IDF sanitary union (International Dairy Federation) fittings are recognized by the hexagon nut and T section seal ring.
Comprising of a nut, male, liner and T section seal.  IDF union have a smooth bore with a crevice free design and are sometimes referred to as an ISS fitting (International Sanitary Standard).

  • Compliable with IDF standard tube diameters
  • Size range:  1" ~ 4"
  • Roughness:  Ra 0.8μm (Ra 32μinch)
  • Stainless steel material:  304ss, 316L
  • Seal : NBR, EPDM , Silicone , FKM
IDF Hexagonal Blank Nut with Boss
IDF Blank Nut with Boss
IDF Hexagonal Blank Nut
IDF Blank Nut
IDF Blank Liner
IDF Expanding Male
IDF Expanding Liner
IDF Hexagonal Nut
IDF Seal Ring
IDF Welding Male