How CME is fighting COVID-19
  • 2020/05/13 (Wed)

    While the world is suffering from the coronavirus, CME took an immediate action in the early February on preparing the cleaning and disinfection supplies for our employees.

    As an essential business supplying to the food & beverage industry, CME is the first group of companies returning back on time trying to satisfy the demand all over the world. We limited the impact from virus and distributed our resources in a timely manner.


    Keeping our employees safe and healthy is the most important thing with no doubt. 

    CME prepared more than 6,000 masks for all our workers to prevent the virus. All of them are temperature measuring three times a day, changing masks every four hours, and sterilizing the working area twice a day.It’s our responsibility to take care of CME family and customers.

    We all hope the war on COVID-19 ends soon. Together we can fight the virus!